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As some of you know, we decided to redo our website and blog. We are excited to share this new site with you all and hope that we can help serve the online community as we serve or own community.

The very first post we did in 2013 focused on one simple thing. It can at sometimes be the hardest thing but is always the most important action we take. Breathing. Unfortunately our bodies at times forget to breathe and anger is in motion. Think about it. If someone jumps out in front of you, you take a half breath. The same goes for when you are shocked, experience sadness, and pain. The one area we can control more than any is our ability to cope with stress and anger by taking a step back. And in that moment we can breathe.

Some of the most turbulent moments of my marriage have come when the kids do something and my wife and I both just react. We are immediately in a great position to take our anger to a whole new level. We have all been there. There is nothing like a couple arguing because they are mad at someone else. Let me tell you, it is real productive.

Although this lesson is a constant area of study for me, I have certainly been able to react to plenty of situations with a calmer head. It means a lot. There have been moments where my children have done things that would make Ghandi want to explode but being able to step back and breathe before reacting has made all the difference.

My challenge is for you, the reader, to keep track of all the times you suddenly stop breathing during the day. It is mindboggling. Every loud noise, when you are criticized, when you feel danger, etc. So the next time you have to fish something out of the toilet or clean gum out of your carpet, take a deep breath. At least it gives the kids time to run!!!

Kids are pretty cute


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