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Father Facts

In America, 23.6% of children (17.4 million) lived in father-absent homes in 2014.

In 2014, 68.7% of children under age 18 lived in two-parent families, 23.6% in single-mother families,
3.9% in single-father families, and 3.8% with neither parent. Of those children residing with neither parent,
56.2% live with grandparents, 23.8% live with other relatives, 16.1% live with nonrelatives, and 3.9% live in an other arrangement.

Of the 73.7 million children under 18 years living in the United States in 2014, 68.7% (50.6 million) were
living with two parents, 27.5 % (20.3 million) were living with one parent, 23.6% (17.4 million) of those in
single parent households were living with a single mother, and 3.8% (2.8 million) were living with neither

Fifty-nine percent of young adults have had contact with their noncustodial fathers at least once a month.
10% had contact less than once a month, and 31% report no contact in the past 3 months. Sixty-two percent
of young adults said they would not talk to their noncustodial father if they were depressed or unhappy,
while 21% said they definitely or probably would.

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